This is a tale about a wise king, who ruled with pride and admired by his people. Crowned with a great power, the king inherited his values, fairly amongst his three sons. Until comes a day that required him to leave his kingdom. He was left with no choice but to rely upon his sons to rule, as they know it. Before they even realized, time passed by and plenty have changed. The initial values and legacy of the King drowned in the ideologies and ruling of the three sons.



After a long invaluable journey, the King finally returned. He brought home with him, lessons and gems that changed him as a person. He is now wiser, stronger and greater than he ever was. Astonished by the changes he found at home, he decided to send his sons on their own voyages to rediscover themselves. He regained his throne and began to reflect upon his kingdom to rebuild what he started. Familiar he was, with the treasures and arts that remind him of his ancestry. One of his favorite places is his study, the room with books and paintings that keep him at peace.

Meanwhile, during the absence of his three sons, In the aftermath of an apocalyptic disaster that crushed the whole civilization built by men, the wiz king came back rise to power, with the ultimate redemption to rebuild the empire that once stood strong, with lessons learned from the remnants of the old past,from mistakes of his three sons and his journey across the world of men, the wiz king return to his stronghold and muster his mighty loyal knights, guardians of the strongholds to search for the ultimate sacred relics who were spread across the nusantara islands, the wiz kings learnt that by possessing all the 10 sacred relics, he could unite the whole kingdom into one single powerful nation.