Inspired by our passion for iconic and classic automotive giants, simply with a united and hopeful dream, we built from scratch a brand that someday would stand by our idols, and knock at the world’s door. Stretch back to the year 2005, to the beginning of the creation of the original Fourspeed Metalwerks. Back then, a solid team of creative young people decided to thrive and seize one mission. One single mission that seemed impossible and far from where they were in the eyes of the ordinary. This humble mission is nothing more than to create a lifestyle brand that holds strong to its fundamental beliefs of Pride, Power and Attitude.



A brand that started with a pack of thoughtful youths who are determined to bring together others like themselves to make remarks in the world through their handmade creations. Influenced by legends such as Harley Davidson, this team, who later became a family, tiptoed their way up to where they are today. Breaking boundaries and pioneered as the modernized blacksmiths of the 21st century. With highly detailed and intricately handcrafted metalwork including rings, buckles, and pendants.


Fourspeed Metalwerks is an independent accessories and clothing brand, handcrafting intricate epic metalwork that is based in Indonesia. We provide a collection of work that is designed with a bold, valiant and manly aesthetic. Addressing a specific demographic of a market that appreciates high quality and exclusive products. With a rebellious but yet, brotherhood-like bond, Fourspeed is elevated by the immense support of its worldwide community. Fourspeed’s biggest markets are located in the major countries of the world such as the United States, Indonesia, the United Kingdom and Japan.