Before we get started, let us take you back to 2005, when the founders of Fourspeed were eager to come up with something different yet not so simple. A piece of work that Indonesians can be proud of. Better yet, a creation that people will remember the values it keeps just by hearing its name. It’s true that great things come with effort and determination, and those are exactly what we put here. Despite our little experience with this field, we felt so genuinely interested and invested in acquiring new knowledge. Through hard work, everything is possible. With staying power we own, Fourspeed was born. It started from the very basic: the logo. Or how we would like to call it ‘Wizard King’, a skull wearing a magician hat with a perfectly drawn circle around him, representing that anything can be revamped into art form with no limit for imagination. Another essential we put in it is by all means the littlest details. It comprises simple illustration yet represents our humble perspective to no ordinary thing. We also reveal our craftsmanship through the raw and unfinished tone and a slight touch of vintage. Ultimately, this is not a mere logo. It is a piece of art that portrays who we really are in a very original yet remarkable way.