With so many of perspectives and ideas put into the creation of Fourspeed, however, it is inevitable that people will come up with contrasting interpretation about what Fourspeed is. To point out the truth, Fourspeed is rebellious. Resilient. Any powerful terms you could think of. Yet we are humble. It’s true that we are elevated by the immense support of our worldwide community but we still are proud of where we came from. Our motherland that has a great deal of diversity all the way from the most West to the East yet is still united, Indonesia. It has become our pride too, to be a part of this large solidarity. We therefore are proud to show the world the diversity itself along with each unique character that this country keeps out of sight through our creations. There are, indeed, countless but we commit ourselves to explore and show every single one of them in front of the world’s eyes to see because these are things that inspire us the most.