To most people, wreckages are often undervalued. They end up being negligible. However, to point out the truth, those ordinary people cannot see what the ruins are worth. They have not yet mastered how to bring out the best of the destruction. Unlike them, we can. And we have. When people see debris of steel, we see precious metals. What originally starts as a rubbish, turns into another remarkable showpiece. Piece by piece, we craft it meticulously because we believe that it is in our hands to make things right and better at any given time than regret later. Here at Fourspeed Stronghold is where the magic happens. There is no better place to be than Stronghold to channel our inner creativity, skills and even insanity to spark innovation. We break boundaries, show the world what freedom truly means to us as crazy creative minds. Madness, unlimited ideas and inspirations are combined and transformed here into an achievement. A masterpiece that we proudly call "MAD CREATION". MAD CREATION is the ultimate proof that unwanted goods can be reconstructed into a work of art. This is how we, the crazy ones, treasure each piece of junk. We build an empire from debris and ruins.